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Bilbao is the heart of a metropolis with over one million inhabitants. Since its founding over 700 years ago, is the main economic and social development and the factor in the modernization of the environment of Bizkaia

Bilbao combines a healthy balance in their most deeply rooted traditions with the latest trends, both enhanced with the consolidation of the town as a city of services. The gastronomic culture has a central place within the city's customs. The city has several good restaurants, which offer the best of Basque cuisine. The abundance of raw materials have favored the growth of a cuisine, which has won recognition of its virtues in the world.

And this passion is reflected in one of the most popular Basque customs, grown in Bilbao in a special way: the "txikiteo" or stew. While taking "txikitos"-small glasses of wine, "or" Zurita "-of beer-is common to see at certain times dwellers going to many bars in the city while tasting the usual pintxos, small snacks of different ingredients. Can be found from pintxos simple and traditional to sophisticated and imaginative culinary delights. In Bilbao is celebrated each year a traditional pintxos contest in which bars and restaurants of the town.

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